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Track attendance, productivity, and billable hours with our efficient timekeeping and reporting software

Tracking time or effort of contractors, employees is one of the most crucial thing for a business especially when there are multiple sites and several hundreds working on-site and/or remotely. Without effective time tracking application, it will be difficult to generate pay stubbs and process payrolls. Blue Summit’s timekeeping application manages all of your requirements starting from user management, badge creation, badge printing, time logging, reporting to real-time security tracking.


Design, Print badges effortlessly choosing scores of sample templates anytime and for any number of employees / contractors.


Tab, Mobile as well as web based timekeeping solution that enables to keep track of time/effort. Seamless reporting feature for pay-outs.

Mileage Tracking

Keep track of the mileage covered by your employees in real-time. Have it all (Employee hours, mileage and location,) in one place with BST Apps.


Rely on our mileage tracking software features to organize the reimbursement bills.

Asset Management

Manage both your physical and virtual assets with our asset management features.

Site Security

Blue Summit provides IT solutions for comprehensive site security that includes access badge creation, site users management, access control to ensure physical site security.


Cloud based SaaS Applications & Features

Deployed and used by several large contractors across several sites in US, UK and elsewhere, BST Apps helping in site management with regards to timekeeping, reporting, payroll, site security.


Key advantages of using BST Apps

BST Apps are integrated cloud-based applications available on mobile, web and tab based solutions. These are designed to be scalable for sites and companies having several thousands of contractors / employees. .

Easy to Use

BST Apps and it’s features are with simple intuitive user experience and easy to use.

Mobile Accessibility

BST Apps are available on both Android, iOS as well as variants on TABS and iPADs. This puts usage of BST Apps possible at variety of sites.

Increased Productivity

Easy processing of timesheets, time-offs, payroll etc. help saving precious administrative time.


Onboarding of users/employees/contractors, complying to weekly/bi-weekly or custom payouts help site managers comply to business needs.


Easy Payroll data with time trackers or reports, features that support approvals to generate pay-stubs.

Improved decision making

BST Apps help with reports about effort logging, absence, mileage reports, site security status etc. that helps site managers in decision making.

Our Workforce Management Solutions

Let’s face it. Keeping track of employees is difficult, especially in remote locations. Our employee management system provides one interface for managing that mobile workforce. With the ability for on the fly badge printing to mobile timekeeping and real-time security tracking and reporting, we have all your needs covered.


Easy-to-use and powerful tool allows easy onboarding of thousands of new users by creating their badges and assigning roles and access privileges to different sites.
  • Quickly and easily add and manage employees
  • Track any information you need for each employee
  • Create physical or virtual employee cards directly from the system


Your timekeeping system needs to be accurate, easy to use, difficult to manipulate, and suit your needs. We help you make decisions about any timekeeping changes you may decide to make.
  • Convenient & super-easy for employee time tracking
  • Auto time-stamping, punch-ins and outs using mobile/kiosk
  • View/Approve/Edit timesheet of staff


Exclusive reports on sites, staffs and company-wise per day / week or duration based reports. Our Reporting Solution enables you make Daily/Weekly Pay outs super-easy!
  • Easy filters to extract custom reports
  • Different Report formats support
  • Advanced Reporting features to drill down / drill up


Our system tracks Guards Patrol and SMS alert is sent to designated person. This has helped many of our client to re-route their vigilance vehicle and address the issue
  • Virtual check points using IoT sensors, a new innovative way of addressing Guard Tracking Systems
  • Guard reports untoward incidences and system builds a repository for your offline analysis
  • Guard misses his/her round; designated people are notified who can take preventive action immediately

Powerful Timekeeping Software

Using manual or disparate systems to manage employee time and attendance can make it difficult to manage workforce expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. Optimise your most valuable strategic advantage — your workforce — with an automated timekeeping solution that consistently tracks, manages and controls employee time and attendance.
Using manual or disparate systems to manage employee time and attendance can make it difficult to manage workforce expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. Optimise your most valuable strategic advantage — your workforce — with an automated timekeeping solution that consistently tracks, manages and controls employee time and attendance.
Separate hourly and salaried timecards, personalised time-entry records for recording time against projects, and full mobile timecard functionality are just some of the ways Workforce Dimensions™ Timekeeping lets users work their way — whether they’re hourly, salaried, mobile or working from a desktop. And with Microsoft Outlook integration, users can inform both the system and their team when they’re absent.
Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping gives managers a way to work smarter than ever. It stores time and attendance data in a single centralised platform that drives automated workforce processes and provides quick, easy access to meaningful workforce data. Through Dataviews and reports, Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping simplifies access to the information needed to solve business issues by allowing all time and attendance data to be visualised, sorted, filtered and exported according to user preference.
Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping is built on an advanced cloud architecture specifically designed for speed and efficiency of scale. It works seamlessly across all digital touchpoints — all while reducing the burden on internal IT resources. Automatic software updates provide continuous access to the latest product features and innovation.
easyly-track deliver-productivity realtime-data leading-workforce-management

Automated processes help decrease payroll errors.

By reducing or eliminating time-consuming manual administrative processes, Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping reduces costly payroll errors and overtime, improves workforce productivity, and frees your payroll staff to focus on higher-level activities.

Easy to use

Offer employees intuitive features and a consumer-grade user experience

Automatic recommendations

Help managers determine which time off requests to approve

Proactive compliance

Avoid costly overtime, missed punches, and more with real-time alerts that let you act before problems occur


Track time and manage policies from a single automated platform to stay prepared for audits


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