Crystal Reports Development

SAP SE now promotes Crystal Reports, a business intelligence tool, to small firms. From a variety of data sources, it is utilized to develop and produce reports. Users of Crystal Reports may visually design the data connection(s) and report structure. Users may choose and link tables in the Database Expert from a broad range of data sources, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft Access databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and local file-system data.

Designers of reports can include fields from various sources into custom formulas (using either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax) and then place those formulas on the design surface of the report. As indicated by the developer, formulas can be assessed at various stages of report production.

Service Offerings

We are skilled in using Crystal Reports to provide various reporting solutions. We have completed several projects with success, meeting the demands of our many clients. Some notable aspects of our work include the following:

Competitive edge

To keep a competitive edge, we provide our consumers with extensive reports from practically connected numerous data sources.

Real-Time Reports

Easy to understand real-time parameterized reports designed and implemented.

Versatile Data Access

Using XML & Web Services, we can access data through the web, making it much more flexible.

Interactive Report Viewing

We offer interactive report viewing so that customers may browse reports while sorting, filtering, grouping, and reformatting reports in real time.

Crisp Pagination of Reports

We are capable of customizing page size and handling the page-breaking function pretty effectively, while keeping in mind to eliminate blank spaces by decompressing the page footers.

Cross-tab Reports

Delivering cross-tab reports is one of the most difficult tasks, but we are quite accustomed to managing this kind of report.

Generate reports in various formats

In accordance with our customers' needs; we can create reports in specified formats such as Excel, MHTML, PDF, RTF, etc.

Custom language and settings

To ensure that our users can view the reports in accordance with their custom-selected language and preferences.

Flexible Record Display

We have expertise in generating a sql command or using user-defined code in formula fields to display the records that are managed by the report object repository.

Multiple report viewing options

To make it much more user-friendly, we provide users with different types of report views - whether they are landscape or portrait or you can define the report sizes with 15/12 or A4 etc.

Easy reports Integration

By merging such reports with real-time applications, we maintain a competitive edge. With the help of the parameter panel  our users can set parameter values and obtain the required outcome without refreshing the data.

Our Skills and Matrices

We've created a lot of projects and have first-hand knowledge using Crystal Reports. To assist them with routine operations like connecting and embedding reports, our programmers use automation tools called Experts. In Crystal Reports, all text, graphic, and database fields are treated as objects that may be positioned, arranged, and formatted on forms. A recordset object and the necessary code for programming operations like loops and computations are also generated by the program.

Crystal Reports can create a report on the fly from user-defined variables and can convert it to HTML and publish it to the Web automatically.

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

A dedicated team spends several days working with you to comprehend the ideas and parameters of your project.


User Interface Design

The needs of the user come first. Our products are made in accordance with industry-accepted standards for user-experience design.


Software Architecture

In Agile environments, solution architecture is frequently questioned as being redundant; however, some upfront analysis is necessary for solution effectiveness.



Once the design has been approved by all project stakeholders, our dedicated team then works on the specific requirements mentioned by the client to build the product.



Be prepared to see your completed masterpiece! Our experts launch the final product on the appropriate app stores and web browsers after all testing is finished and incremental quality assurance has been performed.



We keep an eye on the application and its environment, regularly backup data, and update software and hardware to make sure the product continues to function properly.

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