Ionic Mobile App Development

Ionic is a totally free and open-source framework that makes it easy to create strong SDKs that are ideal for highly interactive and effective apps. It offers a wide variety of information, tools, and services that facilitate the creation of hybrid apps. The apps may be quickly created, altered for iOS or Android, and then deployed using Cordova using the Ionic SDK. Blue Summit offers hybrid mobile development services to large, small, and startup businesses. We create captivating UI/UX experiences in mobile applications with the aid of the Ionic Framework. For your mobile app concept to reach its maximum potential, integrate our Ionic mobile app development solutions with ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS.

Why developers pick Ionic as their framework!

Ionic app development, one of the most well-liked technological frameworks, provides a variety of benefits for creating mobile applications, accounting for over 3.2 percent of the industry. It ensures the following

Service Offerings

Blue Summit, as an app development company, has unparalleled knowledge and competence in the building of Ionic apps utilizing the ReactJS and AngularJS frameworks. We assist you in creating outstanding ionic apps that are not only browser-based but also access IU WebView for operating systems and web view for Android. Our apps utilize low-level browsers with the aid of programs like Cordova or PhoneGap. Our offerings include:

Ionic App UI/UX Design

Custom Ionic Framework Development

Ionic App Customization

mCommerce App Design & Development

Social Media App Development

Ionic App Integration

Ionic App Porting

Ionic ReactJS App Development

Ionic AngularJS App Development

Android App Development with Ionic

Ionic iPhone App development

Ionic Web Development

Real-Time Hybrid App with Ionic & Firebase

Enterprise App Design & Development

Ionic QA and Testing Services

Ionic Support & Maintenance

Ionic Update and Migration Services

Skills Matrix

All of the developers at Blue Summit are qualified to satisfy your needs in a methodical and expert manner while efficiently managing the development of the entire Ionic mobile application. Our talented developers have first-hand knowledge of several Ionic App Development Framework projects. According to your precise demands and specifications, we develop and produce a wide range of IONIC applications.
  • Experience developing hybrid mobile apps for at least 5 years
  • Analytical and goal-driven
  • Experience in working with an Agile development environment
  • Experience in 3rd-party framework integration, social integrations, and web services
  • Updated with the latest features and skills
We believe that success can be accomplished if we have been able to completely satisfy our customers. Our Ionic developers work really hard and have a ton of expertise. All we want is for our clients to willingly choose us instead of us being an option. We are happy to help clients from all over the world, and we guarantee to produce the most fruitful and satisfying outcomes. Benefits of engaging our developers for your next Ionic App Development Project-
  • Convenient working hours
  • Low cost of development and operation
  • Consistent quality¬†services
  • Shorter development periods
  • A better comprehension of various platforms
Choose IONIC to create a hybrid mobile application that feels natural and operates smoothly on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

We assign a exclusive team to work with you and understand all the concepts and requirements of your project.

User Interface Design

At Blue Summit, user needs come first and our products follow industry UX design standards.

Software Architecture

While Agile questions upfront analysis, some solution architecture is necessary for effectiveness.


Upon obtaining design approval, we build the product according to the client's requirements.


After rigorous testing and QA, our experts will launch your product on app stores and web browsers. Get ready to see your masterpiece live!


We regularly monitor and maintain the application and environment to ensure proper functionality.

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