The DE-facto industry standard for creating corporate apps is Java. The Java Enterprise platform has evolved through a community approach, making it complex and feature-rich. Blue Summit is an expert in creating specific Java and J2EE software packages. Working with Java for more than 8 years has given Blue Summit a thorough grasp of its technologies and unmatched experience in putting cutting-edge technology to work for our customers.

Due to our extensive expertise in creating quick web applications and web-based solutions, we are able to choose the Web server, J2EE application server, and database that best suit the demands and financial limitations of our clients. Every time we work with a customer, we also take into account other costs, such as the price to develop and maintain the solution, as well as potential migration costs, as well as the price to build on that platform.

J2EE has significantly reduced the time and money spent on creating multi-tier solutions while also making the entire development process easy and trouble-free. It ends up being among the main benefits of J2EE technology. JDBC API for bringing database accessibility, CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) technology for interaction with the existing enterprise resources, and a security model for data protection both locally and in website applications have all been incorporated into this cutting edge J2EE platform.

Service Offerings

The most popular programming language for running apps on all processors and operating systems is Java. The many Java platforms, including Java cards, Micro Edition, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition, have been handled by our Java professionals before. We have produced Java apps throughout our life that address every facet of the technology.

In the following areas, our team of Java experts is ranked first for offering Java application development services.

Java Web Application Development

In order to increase their clients' productivity and efficiency, Blue Summit, a top-tier Java application development company in India, creates bespoke web apps using the best Java tools, frameworks, and CMS platforms.

Java Enterprise Application Development

We have extensive experience with Java EE (Enterprise Edition) and provide fast, versatile, secure programs that meet the business's most pressing needs.

Java Web Services Development

JAX-WS and JAJ-RS are excellent examples of our expertise in creating RESTful and SOAP web services.

Java CMS Development

We produce high-end, robust, multi-channel, and multi-lingual websites as a Java web development business to serve the industries of many disciplines. Our skilled Java J2EE developers have in-depth understanding of Java-based CMS systems.

Java API Development

We have extensive expertise creating APIs that are accurate, powerful, secure, organized, and well-documented for Java-based online and mobile apps as well as integrating them with other programs.

Java Application Migration & Integration

Taking into account the needs and difficulties of our clients; we convert their business platforms to the Java-based framework. Our Java specialists make sure that data is sent securely, reliably, and at a high standard.

Java Application Maintenance & Support

For Java-based projects, we offer post-deployment maintenance and support, as well as the most recent updates. To keep our clients one step ahead of the competition, we periodically analyse the performance of Java programs and make the necessary adjustments.

Java J2EE Developers

Due to the widespread use of Java in large commercial initiatives, particularly by powerful associations, the need for J2EE developers is now urgent. The organization, execution, and administration of J2EE application development fall within the purview of a J2EE developer. A Java engineer will have a variety of duties and responsibilities depending on the organization and specific role. Every step of the program or application development is carried out by J2EE developers. They write the application code based on specific business requirements. Their work involves a lot of debugging. Additionally, they conduct tests and do software analysis, both of which are crucial for program maintenance.

The skillsets of a Java J2EE developer are listed below.

Skills Matrix

We have experience working on product development across a variety of areas and have expertise in many JAVA technology stacks. Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to:
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
  • Component based Architecture Development, Implementation and Support
  • Java/J2EE Web App Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development and Management
  • Application Server expertise using JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle, Tomcat
  • Web server: Apache
  • Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, My SQL
  • jBPM
  • Hibernate ORM Framework
  • JAXB, XML Parsing, XSLT

We are committed to offering our Java/J2EE services to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The skill of our developers enables us to give our clients the highest level of pleasure in their projects.


Java is without a doubt one of the most popular programming languages right now. Here, we have gathered some useful information on popular frameworks that make the daily life of software engineers easier all across the world. Below is a list of the newest frameworks that our developers are utilizing to build a better website.

Spring MVC

After more than a decade since its first release, Spring MVC is still on the cutting edge and old but gold. Following its extension to include a full MVC framework, Spring continued to expand and evolve, becoming a comprehensive Java framework for Internet-facing applications. This gave software developers a potent toolbox for web application development, application setup, and security tasks.

Struts 2

We choose to utilize the name of Apache's Struts 2 framework, which succeeded Struts 1, to further describe the Java frameworks now in use and often used by contemporary software developers. For developers creating modern Java EE web projects, this Java framework is a real discovery. The Apache Software Foundation has given developers a wide range of tools for building web-facing, enterprise-ready applications, streamlining the whole development process from the beginning to the end, and performing post-go-live maintenance. If you worry about high-load systems like broadcasting portals, this notion is the best option.


When discussing the top Java framework, it is important to bring up Hibernate even if it is not on RebelLabs' list. This Java mapping framework resolves object-relational impedance mismatch problems by swapping out high-level object handling routines with persistent DB accesses. Hibernate has a comprehensive feature set that enables backend developers to fine-tune the data access layer because every corporate application is unique. With this sophisticated ORM framework, you can execute database operations on Java objects (entities). It is a concept of persistence that transfers data from the Java environment to the database using the Hibernate cache.


Oracle provides support for JavaServer Faces as it is a component of Java EE. Despite not being the greatest framework for quick Java programming, Oracle's excellent documentation makes this one simple to use. Furthermore, JSF has no external requirements until you leave the Java EE environment but a ton of internal features. No matter how difficult the application can look, rich libraries and resources (including a toolkit for simple user interface construction) turn into a magic wand that can support you.

Google Web Toolkit

Another free Java framework that enables programmers to build and improve complex web-based programs is GWT. The GWT Software Development Kit includes fundamental Java APIs and widgets for building programs that are later converted to JavaScript.


An open-source web framework for rich Internet applications is called Vaadin. It has a server-side design, which implies that most of the functionality operates on the servers, in contrast to JavaScript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions. To offer a rich and engaging user experience, Ajax technology operates on the browser side. Vaadin is based on Google Web Toolkit on the client side and may be expanded with it.

Java is the programming language chosen by Vaadin to build its websites. The framework includes widgets and event-driven programming, enabling a more GUI-like programming style than the more conventional HTML and JavaScript web development.


We use the following tools at Blue Summit

  • Play Framework 2.x
  • Spring MVC,REST,BOOT
  • Hibernate/JPA
  • EJB 2.0/3.x
  • MQ/Rabbit MQ
  • JSP/JSF/Servlet
  • Talend ETL
  • Apache Solr
  • Jasper Reports
  • BIRT / Ac
  • SpagoBI
  • Alfresco

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

We assign a exclusive team to work with you and understand all the concepts and requirements of your project.

User Interface Design

At Blue Summit, user needs come first and our products follow industry UX design standards.

Software Architecture

While Agile questions upfront analysis, some solution architecture is necessary for effectiveness.


Upon obtaining design approval, we build the product according to the client's requirements.


After rigorous testing and QA, our experts will launch your product on app stores and web browsers. Get ready to see your masterpiece live!


We regularly monitor and maintain the application and environment to ensure proper functionality.

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