For all conditions and demands in each MS SQL SERVER version, Blue Summit offers remote assistance for Microsoft SQL SERVER databases. Blue Summit's 9+ years of experience with MS SQL Server led to its competence in bespoke SQL Server administration. For all significant versions of MS SQL Server, Blue Summit has a staff of experts who can give excellent database management help (SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Instances).

Database administrators (DBAs) at Blue Summit have stronger backgrounds and a track record of success in managing, supporting, and operating databases in a production setting. For our clients, we created extremely efficient maintenance plans, load balancing, and disaster recovery plans to maintain crucial databases.

Service Offerings

Database Designing

Database Performance Scalability and Indexing

Trouble-shooting and Query Optimization

Store Procedure Development

Database Business Intelligence

Database Back-up, Monitoring, Memory Check, Administration and Maintenance

Database Integration

Database QA/Testing Services

Database Security and User Management

Replication- Data Synchronization among multiple servers

Database Tracking

Database Support

Blue Summit has experience in the majority of the domains where Microsoft SQL Server technology is applied.

  • As a database Platform for Web Applications
  • Reporting Services (SSRS) as a reporting tool to generate ad-hoc/parameterized reports
  • Integration Services (SSIS) to import/export data for different sources/targets
  • As a database Platform for cross platform software products
  • As a database Platform for SharePoint Applications

Our Skills and Matrices

We must continually learn new techniques and ideas in order to keep up with the times, just like any other professional technologists.

The following are three qualities that database professionals should have in abundance-

MS-SQL Server Development Platforms are:

  • Adaptability
  • To understand the potential of the technology they are using.
  • Having the ability to learn more about the technology in a predetermined amount of time.

For SQL Server DBAs to be effective in any firm, they must possess certain soft skills or intangible qualities. These are attributes that, in our opinion, are not usually listed on a CV but that, given the specific role that a DBA plays within an organization, may actually make or break a DBA. Now let's examine these things.

  • Effective Under Pressure
  • Problem Solver
  • Have an insight of both the business needs and the technological landscape
  • Interactive and must have the desire to learn
  • Experience to Know When to Be Firm and Flexible
  • Integrity, Trust, and Honesty

Our Tools and Techniques

In the process of completing various SQL Server DBA projects, Blue Summit has amassed genuinely strong experience in a variety of technologies. Based on comprehensive examination of the production situation and specification papers, our database architects have substantial experience in planning, building, and developing databases. We make sure that the databases are set up correctly and that, in accordance with the needs of the customer, a highly effective security model is put into place. To create a safe and highly effective database, tools like Navicat and SQL-Front are used.

Reporting Services (SSRS)

Our database administrator (DBA) has solid experience with SQL Server Reporting Services 2000/2005/2008/SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Instances. For several Healthcare, Logistics, and Construction Systems, we have implemented real-time parameterized reports. These reports can be produced for printing and faxing in a variety of file types, including mhtml, pdf, excel, and word.

Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services in SQL 2005/2008/SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Instances) and DTS (Data Transformation Services in SQL Server 2000) have been used by our database administrator (DBA) to extract data from source transaction systems, clean it up, duplicate it, and then load it. The ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) functionality needed in production databases is provided by SSIS/DTS scripting.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Working with business intelligence solutions supported by SQL Server data warehouses is a specialty of ours. A specialization is the creation and development of OLAP databases and multi-dimensional cubes. Our SQL Server staffs are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in SQL Server data-mining architecture for trend identification and proactive alert production as well as the MDX programming language.

Administration and Maintenance

Our database administrators have extensive background in the management and maintenance of databases. We have a powerful script repository that contributes to 24/7 top-notch database system performance assurance. Periodically, reports on SQL Server Trace Analysis, SQL Server CPU Utilization, Database Index Utilization, etc. are generated and evaluated.

Database Support

For systems employing SQL Server as the database platform, our database support team (DBA) offers extensive Support. We have a skilled support team that collaborates with several of the application development teams to look into daily DB-related issues. Overall system stability and positive user experience are thus guaranteed.

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

A dedicated team spends several days working with you to comprehend the ideas and parameters of your project.


User Interface Design

The needs of the user come first. Our products are made in accordance with industry-accepted standards for user-experience design.


Software Architecture

In Agile environments, solution architecture is frequently questioned as being redundant; however, some upfront analysis is necessary for solution effectiveness.



Once the design has been approved by all project stakeholders, our dedicated team then works on the specific requirements mentioned by the client to build the product.



Be prepared to see your completed masterpiece! Our experts launch the final product on the appropriate app stores and web browsers after all testing is finished and incremental quality assurance has been performed.



We keep an eye on the application and its environment, regularly backup data, and update software and hardware to make sure the product continues to function properly.

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