Node.js Development

We at Blue Summit are in the business of delivering high-quality applications because we are one of the pioneers in the Node.js web application development service industry. We have been meeting the needs of both large and small business modules, whether it's for app development or plug-in and module development solutions. The versatility of our developers lies in achieving business objectives through Node.js development, which they enjoy working on.

The urge to acquire Node.js developers therefore fits precisely when custom Node.js solutions are to be built based on the stated modules So, come to us, start your web application, and accomplish your business objectives. In order to help our clients' businesses succeed, we pledge to provide exceptional Node.js application development results.

Service Offerings

Development of highly event driven Node.js web applications

Customized Node.js development services

Development of plugins, and portals

Real-time business applications development with Node.js

Skills Matrix

A strong foundation for becoming a strong Node.js developer is a strong understanding of JavaScript. If you already know JavaScript then you are one step closer to gaining the right skills to become one. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with JavaScript, you should begin using it right away.

Our Node.js Developer at Blue Summit has a wide range of knowledge in a variety of areas. The essential skills that our Node.js experts use are listed below.
  • It is absolutely necessary to have a fundamental understanding of front-end technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Experience with Node.js and other frameworks like Express, StrongLoop, and so on
  • Recognizing the fundamentals and workarounds of asynchronous programming.
  • Excellent familiarity with server-side templating languages like Jade, EJS, and others
  • A solid understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors like Stylus
  • Working knowledge of user authentication and authorization across a variety of servers, environments, and systems.
  • The capacity to incorporate multiple databases and data sources into a single system.
  • Recognizing the fundamental design principles that underlie scalable applications.
  • Optimizing the output of various delivery platforms by understanding their differences.
  • Putting in place platform and unit tests for automated testing.
  • A thorough comprehension of code versioning tools like Git.
  • Practical experience working with Node.js tools like npm, grunt, gulp, brunch, and broccoli, among others
  • Correct error handling is an essential component of the application: It can be difficult to determine when to crash or simply log the error and continue or retry.
  • The Twelve-Factor application manifesto outlines the best ways to write web applications.
  • A solid understanding of semantic versioning
  • Include additional Node.js-related skills like PHP, jQuery, CSS3, and so on.

Framework Competency

JavaScript has risen to prominence since the release of Node.js. Since it is already a well-known programming language used by browser developers, it will happen. Additionally, it has discovered a server-side implementation with Node.js, thereby reducing the complexity of employing two distinct languages at both ends.

One of the most cutting-edge ways to build servers and web/mobile applications today is Node.js. It stands out from other runtime environments thanks to its asynchronous, non-blocking input/output processing and single-threaded event looping. With helpful contributions from the developer community and other technology giants, its scope is expanding rapidly. Several performance-driven frameworks are currently being developed using the fundamental principles and methods of Node.JS. These frameworks have built newer features in addition to significantly expanding Node.js functionality.

Our professionals are currently utilizing frameworks like Express.js and Hapi.js, which are gaining popularity for better website and mobile application design. As a result, it has become critical to embrace the most recent technological advancements brought about by these Node.js frameworks. We decided to compile a list of popular Node.js frameworks and their useful applications with this goal in mind. We've compiled a list of the 10 best Node.js frameworks, all of which are redefining the application development industry at the moment.

  • Hapi.js
  • Express.js
  • Mojito
  • Meteor
  • Derby
  • Mean.js
  • Sails.js
  • Koa.js
  • Total.js

Our Tools and Technologies

The tools we've used in the past or use regularly at Blue Summit are listed in our subjective list of the Best Node.js Tools for Our Developers. To help individuals who use Node.js like us, we made the decision to expose our stack.

  • Mocha.js
  • Chai
  • Sinon.JS
  • Express.js
  • WebStrom IDE
  • Passport.js
  • Webpack
  • BlueBird.js
  • PM2
  • Meteor.js

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

We assign a exclusive team to work with you and understand all the concepts and requirements of your project.

User Interface Design

At Blue Summit, user needs come first and our products follow industry UX design standards.

Software Architecture

While Agile questions upfront analysis, some solution architecture is necessary for effectiveness.


Upon obtaining design approval, we build the product according to the client's requirements.


After rigorous testing and QA, our experts will launch your product on app stores and web browsers. Get ready to see your masterpiece live!


We regularly monitor and maintain the application and environment to ensure proper functionality.

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