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OpenCV, which stands for Open Source Computer Vision, is a robust open-source library dedicated to image processing. Developed originally by Intel and later supported by Willow Garage and Itseez, OpenCV has become a cornerstone in computer vision applications, particularly in the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. At Bluesummittech, we leverage the power of OpenCV C++ as a vital component of our skill set.

OpenCV libraries play a crucial role in real-time operations within contemporary systems, enabling the processing of images and videos for tasks such as object and face recognition. Released under a BSD license and later the Apache 2 License, OpenCV is freely accessible for both academic and commercial purposes. With interfaces in C++, C, Python, Java, and MATLAB, OpenCV supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The library's initial focus on real-time applications for computational efficiency has expanded, and since 2011, it has offered GPU acceleration for enhanced performance.

As part of our core expertise, we work on OpenCV based security and other product engineering. OpenCV seamlessly works with other libraries, such as NumPy, to harness its array structure for analysis, allowing us to identify intricate image patterns and features through vector space and mathematical operations.

Service Offerings

At Bluesummittech we stand ready to elevate your AI application development endeavors. Our adept team of OpenCV developers, committed to excellence, possesses the expertise to craft distinctive and cutting-edge AI applications tailored to your specific needs. Bluesummittech excels in a diverse array of service offerings within the realm of computer vision and AI applications:

1. Face Detection/Recognition System using OpenCV
OpenCV technology offers implementation of robust facial recognition systems, ensuring precise matching of human faces from digital images or video frames against a comprehensive database. This technology finds applications in ID verification services by pinpointing and measuring facial features.

2. Gesture Recognition employing OpenCV
Delving into the subdiscipline of computer vision, one can utilize OpenCV for gesture recognition. Mathematical algorithms interpret human gestures, which can emanate from various bodily motions, with a focus on facial and hand gestures.

3. Motion Understanding
Motion understanding involves the interpretation and analysis of object motion within specific environments. This specifically enhances predictive capabilities and interactions with moving objects.

4. Object Detection utilizing OpenCV
Employing computer vision and image processing, one can implement object detection solutions that focus on identifying instances of semantic objects in digital images and videos.

5. Image Segmentation and Recognition using OpenCV
OpenCV greatly supports digital image processing, implementing image segmentation to partition digital images into meaningful segments, facilitating easier analysis and interpretation.

6. Structure from Motion (SFM)
OpenCV supports Structure from Motion (SFM), a photogrammetric range imaging technique for estimating three-dimensional structures from two-dimensional image sequences, often combined with local motion signals.

7. Motion Tracking Solutions
Also known as video tracking, OpenCV helps in tracking services involve the precise localization of moving objects over time using camera technology.

8. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration
With AR and VR technologies advent, OpenCV can interwork and enhance real-world environments with computer-generated perceptual information across various sensory faculties.

Bluesummittech's OpenCV Skills Matrices

1. OpenCV Framework Expertise
OpenCV is the huge open-source library for the computer vision, machine learning, and image processing and now it plays a major role in real-time operations. OpenCV C++ is able to process images and videos to identify objects, faces, or even handwriting of a human. There are several integration options with various libraries, such as NumPy, python is capable of processing the OpenCV array structure for analysis. Bluesummittech’s CoE on Video Serveillance & Security domain offers deep expertise and experience on OpenCV framrworks.

2. Programming Languages
Bluesummittech’s core programming skills are C++, Python that are heavily used across OpenCV based products and solutions. We have one of the largest resource pool in Eastern India and offers programming expertise to work on OpenCV based product engineering.

3. OpenCV Libraries
Hands-on experience with OpenCV core functionalities, and associated libraries on both C++ and Python. Extensive knowledge of key OpenCV C++ modules such as imgproc, video, and calib3d etc.

4. Object Detection and Recognition
Proficient in implementing object detection algorithms, Understanding of object recognition and tracking techniques. We can build object detection, behavior analysis capabilities on surveillance products and solutions.

5. Machine Learning Integration
Integration of OpenCV with machine learning frameworks, there are different options and we have experience and knowledge of using OpenCV in conjunction with deep learning libraries.

6. OpenCV GUI Development
Proficiency in developing graphical user interfaces using OpenCV. Knowledge of GUI components and event handling, utilizing different UI frameworks like QT, MFC etc.

7. Problem Solving and Debugging
Strong problem-solving skills in the context of OpenCV. Proficient in debugging and optimizing OpenCV code.

Bluesummittech provides OpenCV Development services for integrating computer vision applications into commercial products, empowering businesses to leverage machine perception effectively. With video surveillance and security domain expertise, we are empowering product companies on new capabilities like face recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition, ANPR, augmented reality, video analytics etc.

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

We assign a exclusive team to work with you and understand all the concepts and requirements of your project.

User Interface Design

At Blue Summit, user needs come first and our products follow industry UX design standards.

Software Architecture

While Agile questions upfront analysis, some solution architecture is necessary for effectiveness.


Upon obtaining design approval, we build the product according to the client's requirements.


After rigorous testing and QA, our experts will launch your product on app stores and web browsers. Get ready to see your masterpiece live!


We regularly monitor and maintain the application and environment to ensure proper functionality.

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