Sitefinity Development

One of the most important content management systems accessible today is Sitefinity Progress CMS, a capable CMS platform created in.Net. It is regarded as one of the most reliable CMSs and is frequently recognized for having notable traits including flexibility, extensibility, scalability, usability, robustness, outstanding security features, reliability, and more. We can quickly create online apps, e-commerce websites, community portals, and intranet applications using the Sitefinity CMS.

Service Offerings

For all your Sitefinity-related demands, including those for creating a big enterprise-grade application as well as basic websites and mobile apps, turn to Blue Summit. Our extensive Sitefinity development competence enables us to complete even the most complex development work. In addition, we provide Sitefinity platform integration to migration, customisation to maintenance & support, upgrade to module development, and more.

Sitefinity Progress CMS Consulting

We analyze your business requirements and make applicable Sitefinity feature recommendations that can assist you in creating websites with greater effectiveness, better user experiences, and web admin systems that are smoother and more specifically matched to your unique business procedures.

Sitefinity CMS Development and Customization

Develop specialized websites, portals, modules, applications, and widgets on the Sitefinity platform to best suit your business needs. Blue Summit assists you in scaling and optimizing your current Sitefinity architecture through the provision of integration services with business programs like CRM, SharePoint, ERP, etc.

Sitefinity Custom Module and Theme Development

Our licensed professionals are acutely aware of the numerous opportunities provided by Sitefinity. We create custom modules, themes, widgets, and more for Sitefinity websites based on your specific content management needs.

Sitefinity Ecommerce Development

The platform enables you to quickly build an online store with excellent features. We assist you in managing your online business, helping you with everything from store settings, product catalogues, orders, coupons, and discounts, to shipping options, tax calculations, and much more.

Sitefinity Customization & Integration

Develop specialized websites, portals, modules, applications, and widgets on the Sitefinity platform to best suit your business needs. Through the provision of integration services with business programs like CRM, SharePoint, ERP, etc., we assist you in scaling and optimizing your current Sitefinity architecture.

Migration and Upgradation

We can help you migrate to Sitefinity or upgrade your Sitefinity solution to the latest version by adding the new features, repairs, and other additions required to keep you current.

Sitefinity Website and Mobile Apps Development

You can take use of the complete range of mobile alternatives by developing mobile websites and apps with us. You may expand the reach of your audience by creating responsive web designs for different mobile devices.

Third Party Tools Integration

If you want to change the functioning of your existing software, our developers can help you combine it with other applications and add eye-catching features that are tailored to your company's needs.

eCommerce Development

Get a safe, adaptable, and mobile-friendly website by utilizing our Drupal E-Commerce development services.

B2B and B2C Sitefinity Solutions

In order to manage your online presence, including e-commerce and web content requirements in both B2B and B2C contexts, our experts work with you to develop e-commerce solutions.

Sitefinity Multisite Management

With the aid of our multisite development solutions, you may set up several languages according to the content source and the various sites. With this, you can easily distribute material across numerous websites.

Sitefinity Maintenance and Support

Newer updates and features for Sitefinity Progress CMS are routinely released. Our technical specialists are competent to provide specialized support and maintenance solutions for a potent web presence that precisely satisfy our clients' needs.

Skills Matrix

  • Over time, as we worked on more and more Sitefinity projects, we developed the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the high-calibre performance.
  • Once all the development is complete, it becomes simple for the clients to take over the control and work without the involvement of the developers.
  • Our team of experts are efficient enough to work on various requirements and ensure that the CMS is explored.
  • We have a track record of successfully completing and delivering a number of Sitefinity projects on time and on budget thanks to our talented talent pool and team of knowledgeable consultants.
  • In order to deliver the finest solutions or ideas, our Sitefinity Progress CMS professionals will work with you to understand your specific business requirements.
  • Regardless of the project size, our teams of Sitefinity experts are always prepared for any demanding projects and can guarantee that they will design rich business applications that satisfy your company needs.
  • To match your business needs, our professional developers are always available to assist you in creating B2B, B2C, or enterprise portals.
  • We strive to provide outstanding client satisfaction by providing innovative and unconventional solutions to businesses searching for modern CMS systems to stay competitive.

Our Approach

Every business owner presently aspires to create a website that is alluring, useful, and dynamic in order to attract as many visitors as possible and aid in business growth. To fulfil the business requirements of the clients on Sitefinity, Blue Summit employs a dynamic strategy.

  • Evaluate and comprehend the precise needs of the client
  • Examine the technological environment and provide a workable Sitefinity-based solution.
  • Create a phase-wise implementation and solution architecture plan on Sitefinity
  • Create blueprints and wireframes for specific solutions and features.
  • Create the final product using the necessary features.
  • Offer bug fixing, enhancement, and testing help for improvement and maintenance.

Our Development Process


Understanding Requirement

We assign a exclusive team to work with you and understand all the concepts and requirements of your project.

User Interface Design

At Blue Summit, user needs come first and our products follow industry UX design standards.

Software Architecture

While Agile questions upfront analysis, some solution architecture is necessary for effectiveness.


Upon obtaining design approval, we build the product according to the client's requirements.


After rigorous testing and QA, our experts will launch your product on app stores and web browsers. Get ready to see your masterpiece live!


We regularly monitor and maintain the application and environment to ensure proper functionality.

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