Cyber Security Testing - Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Tools

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Emerging cyber threats continually impact the businesses. Cyber security testing identifies vulnerabilities early on and prevents potential cyber-attacks by using multiple methodologies and cyber security strategies.

Organizations are adopting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to identify and tackle the growing number of cyber-attacks and hacking techniques.

There are different types of security testing and they are:

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Security Scanning Testing

• Penetration Testing Service

• Review/Security Audit

• Ethical Hacking

• Risk Assessment

• Posture Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a systematic process of finding security loopholes used by the businesses in order to test and to identify the overall vulnerabilities present in the system including software applications and IT networks which hackers can exploit.

Vulnerability Assessment

These tools automatically scan for new and existing cyber threats that can target your business application.

Types of Vulnerability Assessment scanners include:

Cloud-Based Vulnerability Scanner: Designed to find security vulnerabilities for cloud-based system services such as WordPress, web applications and Joomla.

Host-Based Vulnerability Scanners: Designed to find vulnerabilities on a single system or host such as a computer or an IT network device which can be a switch or core-router.

Network-Based Vulnerability Scanners: Designed to find vulnerabilities in an internal network system by scanning for protocols and open ports.

Database-Based Vulnerability Scanners: Designed to find vulnerabilities in database management systems (DMS) to prevent cyber-attacks like SQL Injection.

Penetration Testing: A Penetration Test also known as a Pen Test which is an authorized simulated cyber-attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate a system's vulnerabilities to attack and estimate how vulnerable it is.

Various Types of VAPT Tools

3 Types of Penetration Testing

Black-box assessment: Black Box Penetration Testing or Trial & Error Testing or External Penetration Testing, helps organizations find security vulnerabilities that can exploit their applications/systems /network from outside. In this, the pen-tester gathers all sensitive information and data required to penetrate into the client’s network and mine as many security vulnerabilities as possible. In this the pen-testers draw up a blue print of the target system based on their research, observations and analysis like an unprivileged attacker would.

White-box assessment: White Box Penetration Testing or Internal Testing or Glass Box /Clear Box / Structural Testing, helps companies to test the strength of the applications /systems /network against both privileged insiders and outsiders. In this testing, the pen-tester is provided with the whole information and complete access to the system, network, and applications including IP address, source code, OS details, credentials, and so on.

Gray-box assessment: Grey Box Penetration Testing or Translucent Box Testing, imitates a situation in which the attacker has partial information or access to applications /systems /network. Grey box test is designed to identify and understand what potential damage the cyber-attacker could cause to a business.

Features and Benefits of VAPT Testing

1. Cyber Security Testing reveals vulnerabilities and Secure website from hacker by identifying loopholes and errors.

2. Cyber security implementation shows real risks and prevents information stealing.

3. Vulnerability Testing and Penetration Testing Tools test your cyber-defense capability against cyber-attacks.

4. VAPT Testing ensures business continuity by preventing monetary loss and reputation loss.

5. It maintains trust by inducing confidence in customers.


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