E-waste management – Recycling pickup and drop-off

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E-waste, the other name for tech waste, is the electrical equipment that have already been discarded or are obsolete. In today’s era where the electrical equipment consists of most of our possessions and gets replaced too early, there is a reason why e-waste is increasing at such an alarming rate. And also the very reason why e-waste management has become a necessity.

E-waste management is the procedure to gather the e-waste, then re-cycle and re-use them following safety methods. Mean-while educating the public about their harmful effects and promoting the wise usage of electrical equipment at the side is also necessary. Hence, e-waste management is the procedure of managing such e-waste and creating a chance for the planet to breathe.

Various Methods Used for E-Waste Management


The act of effectively excavating a substantial hole in the earth, filling it up with litter, and then covering that with sand is referred to as landfilling. Despite the fact that the pits are lined with clay or plastic and covered with leachate basin to end toxic waste from getting into the environment, some contaminants, such as cadmium, lead, and mercury, invariably find their way into the soil and groundwater. This process helps to cover that up and stop it from seeping into the environment.

Acid Bath

Metals can be removed from electronic circuits by submerging them in strong sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acid solutions. After that, the metals can be recycled and used to make new goods. However, the highly dangerous acid waste must be disposed of with extreme caution in order to prevent it from getting into nearby water sources, thereby creating a new trash disposal issue.


A very crude e-waste disposal method that involves burning the waste in an extremely high temperature incinerator. It has dual benefit of reducing the quantity of waste and creating energy that can be reused for other applications. Sadly, the procedure of burning the parts that use up e-waste generate large quantities of toxic gases –which include cadmium and mercury –that are delivered into the environment.


Many e-waste objects may be disassembled, and the individual pieces can then be used to make new products. Using e-waste recycling procedures, valuable metals from circuit boards can be recovered and melted down to create new products like jewellery or new technologies.


The reuse of devices is by far the most environmentally benign method of e-waste disposal. Many charities are happy to collect used electronics that can be repaired and given to those living in less fortunate places.

What we pick-up

Recently we were at the launch of the new digital refurbishment project set up by Our Barn (Commu-IT) with the support of London Borough of Hounslow's IT and the Community Solutions teams.

Blue Summit is dedicated to assisting the local community and is collaborating with Our Barn to provide technical skills to assure the project's success. 1000s of computers will be refurbished, the youth will learn new digital skills to help them in their job search, and local residents will receive much-needed devices to allow them to connect to the internet.

We are beyond happy to be a part of such fantastic project.

Blue Summit's Service Offerings for E-waste Management

The retirement of old and underused assets is a crucial phase in the life of an IT asset. An unhealthy workplace and ramifications of your operations, data, and environment might result from improper IT equipment disposal. As part of the process for getting rid of IT equipment, you can also obtain a "Recycling Certificate." Blue Summit uses all-encompassing recycling strategy to assist you in the processes of disposing IT assets. It makes sure that all private information and hardware parts are properly destroyed in accordance with suggested practises and guidelines.

Below are some of the exclusive e-waste management services provided by Blue Summit:

1. Certified Drive/Equipment Destruction - Your hard drives and other equipment are completely destroyed by Blue Summit, and we also provide a certification of destruction as a form of assurance/guarantee.

2. Equipment Recycling - With Blue Summit, damaged or outdated assets are safely shredded and recycled to protect you from data breaches.

3. Equipment Donation - Recycling can be done not only to the computers but also for all its components; in such circumstances, the organizations may donate them to educational institutions or other organizations that might need them. In your place, we arrange equipment donations.

4. Free Recycling Pick-up – We provide free recycling pick-up and drop-off of the equipment to their correct destination.

Our Refurbishing and Recycling Team at Work

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Technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives and so has the growing trend of e-waste generated in its wake. E-waste can cause serious environmental harm when it's not properly dealt with. So, it’s always advisable to choose an efficient as well as effective e-waste management service for all your IT assets. We not only recycle but also put efforts to reuse the equipment whenever & wherever required. In this way we reduce E-Waste with conscious consumption.

The company's e-waste management continues to be strictly a non-profit service that benefits both society and the environment. We are dedicated to offer the best services while also giving back to the communities and environment we work in. To learn more about our recycling services please visit us .

Blue Summit has collaborated with OdiTek Solutions, a frontline custom software development company. It is trusted for its high service quality and delivery consistency. Visit our partner's page today and get your business streamlined.


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