Virtualization Tools for Linux and Windows

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Virtualization is the way of taking the help of virtual instance of a technology resource instead of using the original one. In reality, virtualization tools can convert a single computer system into multiple systems. It has two dimensions: exchange between virtualized operating system and the basic hardware and between a virtual host and physical host.

Usage of virtualization tools greatly help in the reduction of IT expenses and also increases the quickness and productivity of the organization. Virtualization tools equip an organization with software that increases its production while increasing its efficiency.

Features of Virtualization Tools

Types of Virtualization Tools

Server Virtualization

It makes the running of a number of processors, operating systems as well as servers on a single physical server.

Network virtualization

It is the combination of all physical and software network resources and running a single virtual network.

Application virtualization

It is a technology which allows the encapsulation of computer programs in a separate system and permits the use of the application in a system in which the application is not installed.

Desktop Virtualization

It is also known as client – server computing model stores the desktop environment in virtual mode in a centralized server remotely.

Storage Virtualization

It increases the availability of resources that are needed. The data centralization and virtualization are readily managed from the chief console. It permits the users to control and access various arrays as one single unit.

Various Virtualization Tools

Though there are various tools for virtualization in Linux and virtualization in Windows, below are some tools which can be used in both Linux and Windows.

VM Ware Fusion

It is for the mac users who can also host Windows, Linux, Netware or Solaris. The advantage of using VMware is that it doesn’t need rebooting. It also provides solutions for IT professionals, developers, and businesses.

Red hat virtualization

The host operating system in this is the Linux and it hosts both Linux and Windows operating system. It is an open-source system and is easy to use and manage. It has a very fast performance as well.

QEMU Virtualization

This can be installed in any operating system and can easily access other operating systems too. It is a hardware virtualization tool and is free of cost.

Vagrant Virtualization

This virtualization tool is portable between Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It can modify the features of a virtual machine and boots.

Oracle virtualization

This is for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris and can run multiple operating system on it giving the flexibility to run on any operating system. Besides this it is extremely easy to use and supports drag and drop functionality.

VMware workstation

It is a virtualization tool which supports multiple operating system which can run on both Windows and Linux. It makes transfer of information or data in the virtual machine easy and smooth. One major advantage being the ability to integrate with the third-party applications.

Microsoft Hyper V

It supports windows 64-bit professional Enterprise Education 8 and above so is not applicable for home versions. It is a hardware virtualization tool and can be used with azure which makes it cloud supportive. Moreover, it is free to use.

Benefits of Virtualization Tools


Virtualization tools are widely accepted and used software which makes work easier and efficient. It not only makes easier to work with but also saves time, cost and, manpower. Virtualization tools have become a must need in any organization over the globe.

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