Workforce Management Software

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Software solutions are thriving in demand; an inclusion for all employee management departments in numerous industries, the workforce management software market is envisioned to make remarkable growth in the upcoming years.

With the advancement of emerging technologies, workforce management software has become an important tool for various business operations and management. Hence, these apps and web-based software solutions like workforce management software make it easier for every type of business to operate and procure insights.

Importance of Workforce Management Software

Various companies use workforce management software that allows them to track various workforce dimensions such as badge or access card printing, employee enrolment, workforce attendance, productivity and timekeeping, staff scheduling, reporting, etc either as part of their employee management system or as a single program that can be used on mobile or desktop.

Workforce management software, usually integrated with third-party applications and various core systems,, serves as the central archive for workforce data. Workforce management software also extends self-service options that enable employees to handle leave requests and approvals or to check paid time off balances, off days, and other activities without having to ask the employee management system. It also enables keeping a track of business metrics such as time taken by employees to complete a particular task at a given time of the day, week, or month.

This reduces paperwork and enables the employee management department to focus on strategic activities.

Functions of Workforce Management Software

There are a variety of features and modules that BSTApps provide as standard workforce management software. These functions typically include:


Employee timekeeping is an important part of workforce management and payroll. It is used for keeping track of attendance and making sure that supervisors and managers get accurate work-hour reports from the system. We provide a Tab, mobile, as well as web-based timekeeping solution that enables you to keep track of time and effort.


Badging offers convenience to acknowledge individuals’ skills, qualities, accomplishments, or interests and helps set individual goals, motivate behaviors, address achievements, and communicate. Our designs and prints these badges easily by selecting scores of sample templates anytime and for any number of employees/contractors.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking is done to keep track of the mileage covered by employees in real-time. BSTApps provide employee hours, mileage, and location in one place. You can get accurate mileage reimbursements through the mileage tracking feature.


With a mileage tracking software feature to organize reimbursement bills, you can keep track of every expense claim and refund in real-time.

Site Security

Site security is the action taken to prevent the exploitation of websites in any manner. We furnish IT solutions for extensive site security that include access site user management, badge creation, and access control to ensure physical site security.

Asset Management

Both IT, and non-IT hardware, and software assets need to be tracked and managed, especially if you are operating at multiple sites with a large number of employees and contractors. A real-time report of assets is also useful for reviews. BSTApps has a good in-built asset management module to help manage sites efficiently.


An organization’s workforce is often its most valuable asset, whether they work on-site or remotely, and if you lack any reliable means to manage them, it can result in mismanagement of time, overlapping employee leave, and increased labor and compliance costs.

We, at Blue Summit, create a hassle-free timekeeping application that manages all of your requirements starting from user management, badge creation, badge printing, time logging, and reporting to real-time security tracking.

Reach out to us today to explore our exquisite workforce management solution!

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